Track Review: Shot At The Night

Now that “Shot At The Night” has been out for a little over 48 hours, I’ve listened to it plenty of times and I feel like I can fairly assess the song.

Here is the song if you haven’t heard it yet:

This song is one of two new tracks that will be included on the forthcoming greatest hits album titled “Direct Hits” which will be released on Nov. 11. The other which has not been released yet is called “Just Another Girl”.

The song opens to a synth with Brandon’s voice doing “oohs”. It continues to rely on synths and there is very little guitar presence. The lyrics describe a person looking for another chance. He feels like he’s “losing the fight” and has “nothing to lose”, but he is begging for a shot to change things.

The overall feel reminds me of another synth-based band- M83. Its not surprising that it was produced by Anthony Gonzalez of M83. Towards the end I almost feel like I’m listening to “Midnight City”.

It also reminds of a song on Brandon’s solo album.

The lyrics have a sense of urgency that we’re used to hearing from Brandon, but I miss his storytelling. All of their greatest hits- Mr. Brightside, Runaways, When You Were Young- are great because of the stories they tell combined with epic rock music.

“Shot At The Night” is missing the element that made the Killers a rock band and turns them into an M83- influenced synthpop act. Interestingly, I’ve noticed this has gotten them favor on the internet already because its more reminiscent of the “Hot Fuss” sound. Its not a bad sound for The Killers. The song is catchy and I certainly enjoy it. But is it up their with the best the Killers have ever done? Not at all. Maybe its just me, but this song doesn’t get me in the gut the same way a lot of their other hits do. But as a song to hold us over until the next album? Yeah, it’s good tune.