Introducing My New Music Project

I’m embarking on a new project this summer- something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile but finally have some extra time.

I uploaded my first video to Youtube with my new channel Starlight34Music. It’s a simple Killers cover of Sam’s Town (Abbey Road Version). I did this song because I learned it awhile ago and I think out of all the songs I’ve learned I know this one the best (probably because of the simplicity).

I’ve learned a few other songs by ear and plan on perfecting/uploading them in the future. Most are Killers songs, no surprise there.

I’m just doing this for fun because I like playing these songs and I thought it would be fun to put them on the internet! That’s all, just though I’d share my new project with my blog.

And about the singing- this song was not in my ideal range but I didn’t want to transpose it from the original key. So the singing isn’t the best. And I’m not really a lead singer type of person anyway. But I thought it was necessary to include a vocal track, so it is what it is.