Ten Weekly Favorites (6)

1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Artist: Arcade Fire

Album: Funeral

Why: This song encapsulates the essence of the beauty of Arcade Fire’s Funeral.

2. Love Is Greed

Artist: Passion Pit

Album: Gossamer

Why: A favorite from an album got me through a lot recently. The lyrics say “this hurts, this isn’t working” but the music says “I’m setting it to a happy catchy beat anyway”.

3. Why Am I The One?

Artist: fun.

Album: Some Nights

Why: Their concert was AWESOME and this is such a good track. Makes me sad in a good way.

4. Red

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Red

Why: Because I freakin’ love Taylor’s lyrics. I don’t think she necessarily has incredible “musical” ability but she is great at writing song lyrics and I love this one. And I guess part of me is still just a teenage girl.

5. Two Fingers

Artist: Jake Bugg

Album: Jake Bugg

Why: Great new artist I’ve been getting into! I can’t believe Jake Bugg almost the exact same age as me. I wish I was as accomplished as him.

6. Counting Stars

Artist: One Republic

Album: Native

Why: Do I think One Republic has a ton of musical talent or do they just write extremely catchy pop songs? Definitely the latter. But I still quite enjoy this tune. (And they rocked it concert last week.)

7. It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy

Artist: Passion Pit

Album: Gossamer

Why: I am obsessed with this album. Its going on my all time favorite albums list. I can’t decide whether I like this or “Love is Greed” better.

8. I Belong To You

Artist: Muse

Album: The Resistance

Why: New favorite Muse song alert! I wish they played this track in concert on the 2nd law tour 😦

9. Right Action

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Album: Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Why: Great new album just released by Franz Ferdinand!

10. The Wire

Artist: Haim

Album: Days Are Gone

Why: Love this new band, how awesome is it that they’re 3 sisters?! I’m going to buy their album which comes out in a couple of weeks, so excited.