Music Monday (12)

Every Monday (or every few Mondays) I post a list of what music I’ve been enjoying in the last week. Its one of my only regular features on this blog and my favorite as well.

The last couple of weeks I have been in the mood for a lot of slow, sad songs. Not that I’m sad- actually the opposite. Just something to do with the snow, being indoors, and getting ready for Christmas.

1. Fake Plastic Trees

Artist: Radiohead

Album: The Bends

Why: I have never understood why people like Radiohead. I love Coldplay and Muse, both who get compared to Radiohead, but I’ve never “got it”. And then I heard this song and I can’t stop listening. Maybe I’ll go explore some of their other stuff sometime soon.

2. Afraid

Artist: The Neighbourhood

Album: I Love You

Why: Oh, The Neighbourhood does it again! I thought Sweater Weather might be a one hit wonder but this song is awesome!

3. Welcome to Japan

Artist: The Strokes

Album: Comedown Machine

Why: I’ve been a fan of the Strokes but I never listened to Comedown Machine until this week and I’m finding I love it a lot more than I thought I would. Welcome To Japan is my favorite track.

4. Lean

Artist: The National

Album: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack

Why: This has almost the exact same story as Fake Plastic Trees but with The National. I never “got” them but then I heard this song and now I do. This song is incredible.

5. Sea Of Love

Artist: The National

Album: Trouble Will Find Me

Why: Standout from Trouble Will Find Me, which I haven’t been able to stop listening to once I discovered Lean (which isn’t even from that album, but still).

6. Neon River

Artist: Keane

Album: Strangeland

Why: I wen through a huge Keane phase like a month ago and maybe I just like this song because the title sounds like a mixture of “Neon Tiger” and “This River Is Wild”, but I really like this song.

7. Chocolate

Artist: The 1975

Album: The 1975

Why: It was named Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record of 2013 and I think that just maybe it deserves it. As a whole I think the 1975’s songs all sound the same, but as a single this is a great track.

8. Goodbye Lovers and Friends

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Album: Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Why: Another fantastic album from FF. Great closer. I really want to see them in concert this April but I haven’t bought a ticket yet…

9. Simple Pleasures

Artist: Jake Bugg

Album: Shangri La

Why: Such an amazing album, standout track! Also want to see him in concert (again) in January. I thought Song About Love was my favorite track, but this might be my actual favorite. Not sure.

10. Bullet

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Album: Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Why: Their newest single and super catchy.

11. All Your Reasons

Artist: Jake Bugg

Album: Shangri La

Why: “cause it’s my heart’s desire to set the world on fire…”

12. Team

Artist: Lorde

Album: Pure Heroine

Why: Yeah I know she’s huge and she’s everywhere, but I think she’s pretty great. I even like “Team” better than “Royals”. (Her whole album is great though!)

13. Run

Artist: Delta Rae

Album: Chasing Twisters – EP

Couldn’t find a video, I only found this on iTunes!

Why: A song you haven’t heard that you should probably check out- because this folk rock band is awesome!


There you have it, unlucky number 13! Wow, so many amazing songs this week. That’s what I get for not posting for about a month! Look for upcoming end of year compilation posts where I’ll pick my top songs, albums, etc of the year.