In Which I (Mostly) Talk About Something Other Than The Killers

Hey there all my readers! I mean, myself in 2 years! Because I’m pretty sure the only audience I have for this blog is my future self. And that’s kind of why I created it, so I can go back in a year or two or twenty and read what I was like during my freshman year of college. But if I have other readers interested in my life, I’m happy to have you here too. 🙂

Oh yeah, and a shout out to the fabulous Killers Subreddit on, a website which I’ve recently become fairly addicted to. I posted a link to my last blog post about my Killers-themed Las Vegas trip, and I got a fair amount of upvotes (14 I think) and it was the only time I’ve ever gotten Karma! (Like I said, I’m new to the site.) I’m so happy the Killers were able to bring me my first imaginary arbitrary points on some random website. No, seriously, I want to thank the Killers for bring me all that amazing Karma!

Anyway- so this is just a little post where I’ll give an update of various areas in my life… meaning, I’ll talk about something other than the Killers. I say “sort of” in my title because the Killers music is a huge part of my life right now, so I can’t leave it out completely. But honestly, I’m aware that this post is pretty much a boring diary entry so I see no reason for anybody to be interested in reading it besides my future self.

Anyway- it’s the beginning of the second week of classes here at Oregon State University and the weather is charming. No, not really. It’s been below freezing and I still have to walk half a mile or more to class. But I’m not complaining because I just came back from winter break in Idaho, where it was 5 degrees when I got up in the morning. So Oregon is practically tropical!

I’m taking Chemistry- which I love and am considering majoring in, Shakespeare- which is fun and I’m taking to get my required English class out of the way, Integral Calculus- which I despise, Spanish- which I love and is my minor, and finally, last AND least favorite, Country-Western dance. I’m terrible at it and it terrifies me to dance with strangers. I’m hoping I’ll start to like it as I get better and get to know the people in my class. Why am I taking this horrid subject called dance? I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone and challenge myself for once. Well it is working!

I’m involved with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship here on campus and it is awesome. We have weekly Bible studies and weekly large group meetings. That is my main source of my social life except for my couple of good friends who live in my dorm. I went to a church yesterday I’ve been to a few times and I really like it. I praise God for helping me find such good sources of fellowship while I’m here at school, even though I still miss my old church.

The only thing I’m really disappointed with here is that I don’t have a job. And its not for lack of trying. It’s just that nobody is hiring! I’ve applied a ton of places, especially on campus, but they all hire in the Spring for the following year. That’s okay though, hopefully I will get an on campus job this Spring for next school year.

So, I am obsessed with music. Unless I’m walking to class with a friend, I always have my music in my ears. Same if I’m running, or driving, or doing homework. I listen to A LOT of music. And I really enjoy discovering new bands. Didn’t expect that, did you, considering how much I talk about 1 band? Haha, well, I am trying to branch out and listen to bands. I like a lot of different type of music. My genres are pretty much rock and alternative (but not metal), indie pop and indie rock are great, and some classic rock and also a lot of country, which surprises me that I like, but I do. I dabble in Christian rock and alternative, as well. The other genre I love is Broadway musicals. My favorites are Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Mis (new favorite after seeing the movie), and a lot more. Oh yes, and I also like Jazz quite a bit- Michael Buble, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole are some of my favorites. For me to list all my favorite artists would take me probably a good hour. I like my variety!

Here is one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time performing one of my top 10 or 20 favorite songs of all time. (Look for an upcoming post where I attempt to list my top 10 favorite bands/songs. It might take me awhile to compile the list though, there are so many options!)