Muse: One of the greatest live bands of the modern era

NME is a British music magazine that is my main stop for news about my favorite bands. I like it because the stuff they focus on mirrors my taste in music which is very different from the mainstream Americans but interestingly, it is similar to the mainstream British. It makes me want to be British…

They also have the greatest lists of just about everything. One list I stumbled upon awhile ago was “The Most Exciting Live Acts Ever“- a reader voted upon list. (Keep in mind this is not from a critic’s standpoint, it’s just reader voted). I saved the list and I am slowly checking off which ones I’ve seen. Of course, a lot of them I will never see because the artists are not alive anymore 😦

I have seen:

#3 – The Killers.

#7 – Arctic Monkeys

And guImageess who I am going to see this summer… the #1 band- MUSE!

I convinced my dad to drive to Utah with me on September 19th to go see them. Of course the show is sold out, so we have to pay a ridiculous amount on Stubhub, but from everything I’ve heard, it is worth it. My dad is a huge Muse fan also, so it’s nice to have someone who will go with me and appreciate it. I hope he will appreciate getting there a few hours early and trying to get the best place possible on the floor.

I bought The 2nd Law a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been listening to it constantly- its amazing. The mix of guitar rock and electronic beats as well as creating extremely dramatic and pretty music is something I find fascinating. I don’t own any of their other albums but I’ve listened to them online a lot. I need to do a little homework this summer before September, aka listening to a lot of Muse.

One more thing: Cage The Elephant is opening for Muse (Their hit song was Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked), who I am excited to see as well! I love when the opening band is someone I can look forward to also instead of just patiently waiting through (Ahem, Mini ahem mansions…)



88 Days until Fun.

110 Days until Muse