Arctic Monkeys Concert 5/26 PART TWO: The Show

I apologize that its taken me so long to write this. It sounds cheesy, but my post-concert depression struck pretty hard and I tried not to dwell on the concert so I wouldn’t be sad. But I’m starting to get over it 🙂

Be sure to check out Part One before reading this, where I meet Alex Turner and Matt Helders! That was definitely the highlight of the day, although the actual concert was a close second.

My sister and I got to the venue around 5:00 (the doors opened at 7). We had decent spots in line and the wait went by very quickly. At 7, we rushed into the venue and tried to grab spots as close to the front as possible. It was a small venue and got to about row 5. Then we had an hour to kill, so I talked to a lot of the people standing around us. It was fun to meet other people who get my taste in music and be able to talk about our favorite artists and favorite Arctic Monkeys songs. The atmosphere was so friendly and everyone was just excited to be there. I met a lot of people who had traveled a long was to go to this show, some had even flew.

Right at 8:00, Mini Mansions, the openers, played a long set for about 45 minutes. They weren’t that impressive- but the keyboardist looked like my high school government teacher. In my opinion, they were lacking energy.

Then the obligatory break where they rearranged the stage for the Arctic Monkeys.

Then the show! They opened with the new one “Do I Wanna Know”. I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet. I love new Monkeys tunes, but I found this one seemed to lack energy for the concert opener. Probably just because we didn’t know it.

This is someone else’s video of the show:

My pictures:



Then they played R U Mine, which is one of my favorite Monkeys songs, so it rocked. I was in the mosh area for the first 3 songs because I wanted to be close to the front, but I soon realized that I wanted to listen to the music and not be shoved around. I’m the kind of person who likes to get into the music- I jump, pump my fists, but I don’t shove other people. Its just not how I enjoy music. The closest I ever got was about Row 3, but I retreated to about Row 7 where people weren’t moshing for the majority of the concert. I was still close to the front- anywhere was a good spot really since the venue was so small.

I was afraid to leave the floor because I thought I wouldn’t be able to get back- I’m afraid to be rude and push through people. So I gave myself a strict no liquids policy so I wouldn’t have to use the bathroom. This backfired though, I became incredibly thirsty (and the heat didn’t help either). I thought the thirst would go away once the Monkeys came on stage but it didn’t. I started realizing about halfway through the set that although I was enjoying it, I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if I wasn’t so thirsty.

I think I was most excited for “Crying Lightning” and it did not fail to impress!



I also really liked “Pretty Visitors” because it was the only song (I think?) where Alex didn’t play guitar- it was fun to see him interact a little more. Plus its a great song.

am crop1

 am crop2

After “Cornerstone” I decided that I was so thirsty that I would hear the beginning of the next song and if it wasn’t one of my favorites, I would leave and get water. I have never been more thankful that they played “She’s Thunderstorms”. (I like the song, but there is no way I would’ve left if they would’ve played I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor or Fluorescent Adolescent). I went to the bar, got water, and I was instantly refreshed. I hesitated making my way back down to the floor. I didn’t want to feel rude, but I told myself I deserved to be there- I’d waited in line, I’d been there the whole concert so far- and I got to the same spot I left relatively easily. (It wasn’t that hard, like I said, small venue.)

am crop5

The number of times Alex pulled out that brush to fix his hair… eventually he gave up toward the end.

Then they played “The View From The Afternoon” which is one of my favorites! The rest of the concert I was in a state of euphoric happiness since I was hydrated and they played all their best songs. “I Bet You” is fantastic live. In the break before the encore, I realized there were 3 songs they hadn’t played yet that I’d expected- “When The Sun Goes Down”, “Fluorescent Adolescent”, and “505”.

Unfortunately, they never played “WTSGD” which was really disappointing because I thought it was part of their regular set and one of my favorite songs. However, “Fluorescent Adolescent” was fantastic, and so was the other song “Hellcat Spangled Shalalala” which was part of the encore.

Then they ended with “505”. Before the show, I thought it was a decent song, but my perspective on “505” is forever changed. It was so beautiful and incredible and the perfect closer. The part where it picks up is one of my favorite moments in music.

It’s kind of ridiculous, but my dorm room is #506, and I live right next door to #505 (why couldn’t I have gotten that room?!?). I won’t lie, sometimes I’m just waiting for Alex to walk up to the room next to me. But for him its probably more than a forty-five minute drive. And if he’s in London, its also probably more than a 7 hour flight.

After the show I bought this shirt below (Not me in the picture, I found this on the internet):

am tshirt

I kind of wish it was the British flag but I understand that they have different flags depending on the country they’re playing in, which is pretty cool. Also, now my Killers shirt has a friend- another shirt that I wear once every other month and only wash on occasion and treat with the utmost care.

I wanted to buy a poster but they didn’t have any! I would’ve hung around and tried to get something signed, but I didn’t have anything, and I already met them earlier. 🙂

More Pictures:



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