Ten Weekly Favorites (7)

1. Sweater Weather

Artist: The Neighbourhood

Album: I Love You

Why: This is a song I’ve liked for awhile but recently started thinking this is one of the best tunes of the year. So amazing.

2. Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

Artist: Arcade Fire

Album: Funeral

Why: I dare that instrumental part NOT to get stuck in your head.

3. Overnight

Artist: Parachute

Album: Overnight

Why: This pop-rock band was my first small concert I ever attended and I still like their music even if its more pop these days. Great tune with relatable lyrics.

4. No Cars Go

Artist: Arcade Fire

Album: Neon Bible

Why: I just bought Neon Bible 2 days ago! Working my way through the Arcade Fire discography. This is a standout track from the first couple of listens.

5. Undisclosed Desires

Artist: Muse

Album: The Resistance

Why: I’ve had “The Resistance” on repeat all week. Concert Countdown: 10 DAYS!

6. Atlas

Artist: Coldplay

Album: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack

Why: New Coldplay is never a bad thing. Coldplay + The Hunger Games = awesome.

7. Shake Me Down

Artist: Cage The Elephant

Album: Thank You, Happy Birthday

Why: Cage The Elephant is opening for Muse next week so I’ve been expanding my knowledge beyond “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” and they have some really solid tunes.

8. Dreaming

Artist: Smallpools

Album: Smallpools EP

Why: They’re touring with Walk The Moon AND The Mowgli’s!? 3 bands I love in one show? I better get to this show! Oh yeah, awesome song.

9. The One That Go Away

Artist: The Civil Wars

Album: The Civil Wars

Why: So beautiful. I don’t know anything else by this band but this song I just love it.

10. Shot At The Night

Artist: The Killers

Album: Greatest Hits??

Why: Wait… what? This hasn’t even been released yet. This hasn’t even been confirmed as the title of the new song… So how do I know I’ll love it… well its THE KILLERS that’s why. The one band I love more than any other band ever. I already have a mental picture of what this song will sound like (Brandon’s powerful vocals, M83 influenced synths, catchy radio friendly tune, lyrics describing a love story).

Wow. Sorry for that fangirl rant! Victims will understand I hope 🙂