Music Monday (10)

1. Pale Blue Eyes

Artist: The Velvet Underground

Album: The Very Best of The Velvet Underground

Why: This week I’m starting the list with one of music’s greats who passed away this Sunday. Before I was really educated about music I only knew Lou Reed from his collaboration on the Killers’ Tranquilize but since he collaborated with TK, he was obviously fantastic so I listened to some Velvet Underground as well. This is such a beautiful ballad, one of my favorites.


2. Enjoy The Silence

Artist: Depeche Mode

Album: Violator

Why: I have been in an 80s new wave kick this week! This tune I’ve loved for awhile but recently have been playing it daily along with lots of other DM.


3. Who’d Have Known

Artist: Lily Allen

Album: It’s Not Me, Its You

Why: You might’ve heard some of this because it was sampled in some rap song that was super popular a few years ago but the original is way way way way way better.


4. 22

Artist: Lily Allen

Album: Its Not Me, Its You

 Why: NOT TAYLOR SWIFT. Another Lily tune- I also recommend Not Fair and The Fear. I have been really enjoying her British pop music this week. (I kinda just love this song because it says the words “day and age”…)


5. Animal

Artist: Miike Snow

Album: Miike Snow

Why: Great catchy modern synth pop tune!


6. Miss Jackson

Artist: Panic! At The Disco feat. LOLO

Album: Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!

Why: Fellow Vegas boys and they say they like the Killers. I’m sold. Fantastic catchy new song. Its been on repeat. And I NEVER do that. Also, I really like the album name. And I don’t know if you guys are the same age as me, but P!ATD brings back great middle school memories.


7. Battle Born

Artist: The Killers

Album: Battle Born

Why: By no means is this a “weekly” favorite- its an all time favorite. One of the best Killers tracks and the image of an era now, unfortunately, in the past. But an era I will never forget. The era where The Killers turned from a band with a few good songs to a band that I eat, breath, and sleep. “Battle Born” encapsulates everything I love about the Killers and this track needs to be remembered even though it is forgotten about at the end of the album. It was the last song I heard live from the Killers, the song playing when I *almost* touched Brandon at the barrier walk, and truly a defining song for the boys, even if it is not well known. So my challenge to you is listen to this song, listen to it again, and listen to it again. It is the type of song that grows on you. Still getting better with every listen.