Music Monday (9)

Yeah, I know it isn’t Monday. Oh well!

1. Slumville Sunrise

Artist: Jake Bugg

Album: Shangri La

Why: I love this new track from Jake! And the video! And I’m SO excited for the album! (I really like Jake Bugg if you can’t tell.)

2. No. 1 Party Anthem

Artist: Arctic Monkeys

Album: AM

Why: It was hard to pick just one from AM, but this is a track I’ve been really enjoying this week. The lyrics are so good and intricate. Alex and co. can do no wrong. See more detailed description in the review of AM here.

3. Playing With Fire

Artist: Brandon Flowers

Album: Flamingo

Why: I have been relistening to Flamingo in light of the announcement that Brandon will be recording another solo album in 2014/15. The tunes are better than I remember them! Especially this one, its my new favorite.

4. Slide

Artist: Jake Bugg

Album: Jake Bugg

Why: “I’ve got autumn leaves and heartbreak dreams inside…” Fav lyric.

5. Unbelievers

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Album: Modern Vampires of the City

Why: I’ve been hearing this on the radio and started realizing how awesome it is.

6. Hi, Hey There, Hello

Artist: The Mowglis

Album: Waiting For the Dawn

Why: So, the whole album didn’t quite live up to the amazingness of “San Francisco” (that song is amazing though so its a hard standard to live up to), but there are still some great tunes and this is one of them. Its a cute catchy happy little tune.

7. Darts Of Pleasure

Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Album: Franz Ferdinand

Why: Ah, my favorite dark indie rockers. This song is dark and delicious.


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