My Thoughts On The Killers At Wembley

Last Saturday night, the Killers played their biggest standalone show to date- one night at the famous Wembley stadium in London. This gig has been talked about and rumors have been circling for months. What will their setlist be? Will a live DVD be released? Will they play a new song? Will they release a single before the performance.

Well, all those rumors and more have been confirmed and denied, now that the gig has come and gone. As a Victim living in the US, there was no way I could attend Wembley. If I was on that side of the world, I would’ve been there no matter what. I won’t lie, I definitely checked out how much tickets would cost to fly over there. I knew that wouldn’t work. Even though I didn’t go, I still counted down the days because I was excited to see what special stuff the Killers might do at this historic gig.

I’ll start with the best part of the gig- the Wembley song. They wrote this specifically for the show as a tribute to the great and famous stadium. Watch it here:

Credit: Youtube user lullysuv thank you!

The song is fantastic. It traces the history of the stadium and pays tribute to many of the famous acts that have played there, including Queen, Muse, Pink Floyd, The Who, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Metallica, Bon Jovi, U2, Oasis, and so many more- those are just what I remember off the top of my head. It was so nice and kinda adorable how Brandon also apologized to Green Day for comments he made earlier during the Sam’s Town era about their music being anti-American.

I aslo enjoyed how genuinely happy and excited Brandon is to be singing about all these wonderful acts that have played this stadium. He looks like he’s really loving this song an this gig. I mean, why wouldn’t you be?

Then Brandon launches into a section where he sums up the Killers history- “from Dave’s apartment to Wembley”, and joking about how everyone thought they were from “Sheffield or Camden”. He mashes up a bunch of their song lyrics and reminds the crowd why they love the Killers so much. This is truly a band who loves what they do and appreciates every second they get to share their music with the world. They don’t take it for granted- they wrote a whole song to thank the world/the UK for taking a chance and enjoying their music. And they love to credit those who came before them and made it possible.

“The devil’s water and the good old days- ain’t we all just runaways.”

My favorite “mash-up” line. Three of the best Killers songs and they sound so good together!

The absolute only negative thing I originally thought when watching the gig was disappointment with the setlist. It was long (24 songs) and covered the Killers throughout the years, but I was just hoping for a few more rarities. They played 2 covers, neither of which were a surprise. Although I love “Shadowplay” and I think its a great tribute to Joy Division, I don’t think it’s the best live. It’s just a little boring. Easily my least favorite of the set. Maybe I just prefer the Joy Division version.

However, I love that the Killers are covering “I Think We’re Alone Now”. I think this is a better live cover, it’s more energetic, people know it better, and I can tell Brandon has fun singing it.

I think the only song that was considered a “rarity” that they played at Wembley was “This River Is Wild”. (Yay- this is one of my all time favorite Killers songs!) I would’ve loved to see “Under The Gun”, “Bones”, “Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll”, or especially “Sam’s Town”. I’m most disappointed that they didn’t open with “Sam’s Town” and then go into Enterlude/When You Were Young. That would have been perfect.

I completely understand why they didn’t play rarities. They are playing to to huge crowd full of dedicated victims and casual fans. They want to play the crowd pleasers and they have a lot of those- so no time for rarities. Plus, the energy was never lacking from the fantastically performed crowd pleasers.

Which leads me to the gig they played at 1:45 AM right after Wembley. An 11 song set that lasted for 40 minutes and contained a mixture of favorites and rarities. Here, they played “Under the Gun” and “Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll”, along with the rarities “Tranquilize” and “Change Your Mind”. All the other songs were standard hits that they played earlier at Wembley. Still no Sam’s Town. But hey, that’s just my personal favorite Killers song, no big deal that you guys didn’t play it at your biggest gig ever, so long as you play it the next time I go see you guys in concert! (which might be in Las Vegas, so that increases my chances because I’m pretty sure they play that song more often in Vegas than anywhere else for obvious reasons… or For Reasons Unknown hahaha.)

If I would’ve been in London, I would’ve been at the Garage. Why does this stuff never happen near where I live?!? Oh well. I will have to be content watching my favorite band via the internet.

Overall, the Killers get a 5/5 for their awesome night. I’m not going to dock them for not playing rarities since they played them later at The Garage show. What a historic gig that cements the Killers place in the great history of British rock (even if they aren’t British!).