Introducing The Arctic Monkeys

ImageSo, when I discovered the Killers, I had a musical awakening. I never knew what Indie Rock was, and I must say it is one of the greatest things I’ve ever discovered musically. So a lot of the bands that have became my favorite bands recently have been around forever, and I was just oblivious.

One such great band is the Arctic Monkeys. I’ve heard of them in my musical journeying but I just started listening to them last Saturday. The last 5 days they are ALL I can listen to. I love their style, Alex Turner’s voice, the great songwriting. And the best part- today I bought tickets to see them in concert on May 28th (95 DAYS).

I feel like this all escalated quickly, but when I discover a new band, it doesn’t take very long for them to go to newly discovered to favorite artist. I can tell when an artist is a keeper, that I’m going to like them for a long time. That’s the way I feel about the Arctic Monkeys.

My favorite songs so far (I’ve mostly just been listening to the singles) are When The Sun Goes Down (absolute favorite), I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor, Crying Lightning, and R U Mine?. I have a feeling this list will grow a lot however, the more I listen to them.

This is gonna be a great year of concerts. Arctic Monkeys in May, Fun. in August, Warped Tour in June (not a fan of those bands that much but I’m taking my sister), and possibly another Killers show? I’m dying to see them live again… they are playing 2 shows in San Francisco April 27th and 28th. I’m waiting to see if I get a job in the next couple of weeks. If I do, I’m going. If not, I’m not going because I can’t afford it. I’m also hoping they’ll announce more US tour dates this summer (I have no idea if that’s an actual possibility, but I feel like they haven’t toured that much in the US for Battle Born, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced more dates. (PLEASE COME TO BOISE IDAHO.) Or Portland or Seattle again. I doubt they would though since they were already in the Northwest and San Fran will probably be the closest they’ll get. Also, they played in Boise on their Day & Age tour so I doubt they’ll be back so soon. Although I’m never letting go of my hope.