In Which I Attend the Best Concert of My Life (So Far)

In my last post, I explained how I discovered my favorite band The Killers (see the link to the post). Seeing them live was one of the greatest things I have ever done.

When the Killers came on, it was amazing, fantastic, and everything I could’ve wished for from them. My only disappointment as the crowd- the people around me just weren’t nearly as into the music physically as I was. I like to jump up and down, wave my hands, pump my fists… essentially, I go all out, especially when I’m alone so nobody is judging me.

This is before they came on, you can get an idea of how far I was from the stage:


I would have gotten there early and gotten way closer if I would’ve known what it would be like! They came on stage with “Somebody Told Me”. It. Was. Awesome. I think of the beginning of that concert=- the first time I ever heard them live, every time I hear that song. Sorry for the terrible picture quality, I did my best with my cell phone camera!


Words cannot describe how much fun I was having. Brandon Flowers is all I could’ve ever asked for and more as a performer. And the best of the band rocked too. (But to be honest, I was really there for Brandon.)


This one below is my favorite picture I snapped. It turned out remarkably clear. This had been my phone background for the last month. (I believe this was “Here With Me”.)


I think this one below was “Miss Atomic Bomb”.


I love this next one- Brandon’s style of “dancing”/strutting around the stage is adorable.


This one below is obviously “For Reasons Unknown”- the only one Brandon plays bass on. He has this whole different facial expression when he plays the bass versus singing or playing the keyboard/synthesizer, and of course, I love it. I didn’t get any pictures when he played the synthesizer because it was at the very tip of the stage, and I couldn’t see him hardly at all there.


I don’t know what song this last one was, but this is one of my other favorites because it was one of the many moments he came over to our side of the stage and he was so close to me. It was crazy awesome.


The whole concert was great, it really became a AMAZING concert starting with the track “Read My Mind”. That’s where there was so much energy and the crowd really begun to get into it. From that song on, I didn’t take any pictures, I was so into the music, and I remember every song so clearly after that. “Read My Mind” was really only an intro to the AMAZING part of the concert, because after that they played “Runaways” and the crowd went wild, and I was so excited because that was the song I had been waiting for all night, it was my then-favorite. Then, they did “Mr. Brightside” and I about flipped out because I forgot how incredibly awesome that song is. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they played “All These Things That I’ve Done”- a song which I was apathetic towards before the concert but after seeing it live, it became one of my favorite songs of all time. ATTTID was their finale, confetti came from the ceiling (which I saved a lot of), and the energy was incredible.

I couldn’t believe it was over after that. They hadn’t even played “When You Were Young”! Then, those guys made me stand there screaming and clapping and worrying for what felt like a good hour with this doubt that we weren’t a good enough crowd, that they wouldn’t come out again, and I was terrified the concert was over, that they wouldn’t play an encore.

I never stopped clapping and screaming, even when the people around me got lazy. I needed them to come back out.

When they came back out again, it was almost like the beginning of the concert all over. They played “When You Were Young” like I knew they would, and that’s one of my favorite songs too. Then they played “Battle Born”, and Brandon introduced all the members of the band, and then did the barrier walk. I’ve never seen so many people shrink into as tiny of a space as they did then. I tried so hard to get close enough to touch him, and I ended up being about a foot away. So sad. But it was still awesome that I can say I was about a foot away from Brandon Flowers.

I didn’t want to leave after that but I had no choice. I desperately wanted to hang around to try to meet them, but I was alone and had no idea where to wait. Next time, I told myself. It was my first Killers concert, and next time I will do the things I wish I did this time: get there way earlier, meet other Killers fans, and stick around and try to meet the band.

I bought a sweet shirt though. And I wore the wristband I got at the concert for 19 days until it fell off just yesterday.

And I traveled to the Killers hometown of Las Vegas last weekend. But that is a story for next time.

I shall leave you with a video someone else took of this exact concert I was at. Here is “All These Things That I’ve Done”.